Current Vacancies                                                                                              

From time to time churches and Christian organisations are seeking to recruit people for particular jobs or roles.  They could be engaged as volunteers or paid employees.   They could work for as few as 8 hours per week or be full-time ie Circa 40 hours per week. Volunteers need a role description (listing the main functions and role within the church or organisation) and a written agreement (about hours and when and where etc). Employees - even for a few as 8 hours per week, need a job description (listing the job title, main function, tasks, accountability etc) and a statement of terms and conditions (includes issues of pay, health, benefits for sickness, maternity and paternity entitlements, termination conditions)

Both volunteers and employees should have a call on a grievance procedure, and the organisation should make known their disciplinary procedure to volunteers and employees.

There are several other issues that have to be taken into account for both volunteers and employees, such as health and safety, safeguarding for chuldren and vulnerable adults, equal opportunities (especially about recruitment).

Certainly for employees the church or organisation should take professional advice from an employment lawyer or HR specialist (preferably a member of the CIPD). The 'umbrella' body of the church or organsiation will normally have specialist advisors or advice available. The ACAS website is a useful source of information and advice.